quarta-feira, 8 de setembro de 2010


Continuando a série Greenslade, este álbum ao vivo traz um resumo da carreira do greenslade.

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  1. thank you for your kindness, have you more Grobschnitt live ? am still enjoying the 2010 Grobschnitt live. Also am big fan of this post Greenslade , saw Them live once, in 1973 at the ice skating ring in mannheim germany. God bless and thanx .

  2. Hi Roger,

    Here goes some Live Concerts of GROBSCHNITT.

    Grobschnitt Live in Emden 1979

    Grobschnitt Live

    Grobschnitt Live in Guetersloh 1977

    Grobschnitt Live in Oberhausen 1977

    Grobschnitt Live in Wuppertal 1979


  3. i wonder if there is any music you might be looking for, but is so rare you cant find it. i have well over 7000 cd and mp3 in my collection, i love the german bands, but have all kinds of prog bands. i have a blog that i started last year, but havent done much with it, close to being dead, there are no links there yet, i need to go back to work to get more cash so i can start to upload some of my treasures, will be able to do that very soon. but if you go there youll see a few covers, a small sample of things. http://solarmusicfreakacym.blogspot.com/ if you have a request, i might have it. i am going to post as one of my first links the german group real ax band, this one was very hard to find, do you know this band?

  4. Hi Roger,

    ok friend, i'll look carefuly your blog in this week end.
    I know a lot of prog bands, but as you may know no one knows everything !
    95% of the CDs that are posted here in Natürlich Prog are from my own collection, some are ripped from my JAP LPs.
    Well, as soon as I can I'll ask you for some liks from your blog.
    God Bless you.