quarta-feira, 6 de outubro de 2010


This is one more gift from my friend Roger. Thank you Friend !

Este álbum foi dedicado aos membros fundadores do Mandalaband que infelizmente não estão mais entre nós.
Ritchie Close (Keyboards)
Mel Pritchard ( Drums)
Paul Young ( Vocals)
Phill Chapman ( Flute & Sax)

6 comentários:

  1. its fanastic, looks great on your blog. hugs

  2. gracias mi amigo, tengo un programa de radio de rock progresivo, no por internet, y el otro día tuve en el programa a éste grupo y precisamente hablaba de éste disco que quería tener y ahora lo tengo, gracias a ti.

    juan manuel

  3. Gael we will work together, from now on i will tell you what im posting in advance. i have a another treasure for you to check out. give me your opinion, here it is, you may do the same whith this as the mandalaband, it is up to you, oh do you know a french canadian band called cano i have all there albums i am posting there first three, very good prog folk.here is your surprise and its not even christmas yet. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DI4VVQCV

  4. i forgot to say i have nektar and ophiucus ready to go on the blog right now. do you know ophiucus, french prog, early 70s. what about moving gelatin plates? they also are french.

  5. Hi Roger !

    Yes ! I Know C.A.N.O ! Go on ! It will be a great post !!!

    Thank you for the gift, I'm taking it right now.

    I am preparing FRUUPP , the complete serie. I don't know exactly when they will be ready to post cause I'll make a little travel in this weekend and will be back only Monday !

    Go on....your blog is getting better and Better !

    Hugs friend.

  6. thanx Gael, dont forget you should do the other two mandalaband albums, they will complete your post. fantastic. tell me about your trip when you get back, have a safe journey. God bless.