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FRED - Fred

Wonderous previously unreleased US bands recordings from 1970-1974. Coming across like a mixture of trippy folk and electric psychedelic rock in the vein of early It's A Beautiful Day crossed with later Mandrake Memorial, this CD is a revelation! Crystal clear sound quality and long trippy songs with electric violin, electric and acoustic guitars, harpsichord and mystical trippy lyrics.

The Fred album encapsulates the band's 1971-1973 period. Gathering together the 45 and seven unreleased tracks, Joe DeChristopher recounts the history of the band within the lavish heavy-duty gatefold. 

DeChristopher had met Price in 1967 at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pa. and joined Price's band, Still At Large. Over the next three years the band picked up other students and evolved into Fred. Classmate Gary Rosenberg was the band's No. 1 fan, a college radio DJ and sometime poet - he occasionally performed with them on stage and became their lyricist. He was also their guide to other sounds around, introducing them to the likes of Procol Harum, Jethro Tull, Frank Zappa and The Mahavishnu Orchestra whose songs they would cover.

In 1970 the band graduated (or left) BU and moved into a couple of farms near Lewisburg. They continued to perform at local clubs and schools. The first recordings, which make up the bulk of the LP, were done the following year and their debut 45 was released. In 1973 occasional member Peter Eggers joined the band permanently and marked the end of their formative chapter, with the departure of Gary Rosenberg. The liners announce that later recordings are forthcoming.

There's some fine fuzz solos and acidic leads with occasional wah-wah but despite being tagged as psychedelia elsewhere, there's a strong aura of mellowed, slightly trippy, pastoral rock that's coming from folk roots and gently drifting off in a prog/hippie direction. The violin adds to the non-urban vibe but is more like Curved Air than Mahavishnu.

01. Four Evenings
02. Soft Fisherman
03. Salvation Lady
04. By The Way
05. I'll Go On
06. For Fearless Few
07. A Love Song
08. Booking Agent Blues
09. Windwords
10. A Love Song (45rpm Version)


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  1. Gael, very good band. i have a live album of there's, if you dont have it, ill send it to you? Fred live at the bitter end.

  2. Hi Roger !
    How are you my friend ? I've been very busy and have a little time to do my posts !
    Well, I don't have the live album... If you don't mind... Let me Know it !

    Hugs my friend.

  3. /Oôoo prof gael !"!!

    Obrigado por mais uma perola meu caro...
    Mas só lhe peço um favor, poderia upar e me comunicar?

    09. Windwords é muita viagem meu camarada

    Muito grato