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ORNE - The Tree of Life

1. Angel Eyes (3:15)
2. The Temple of the Worm (12:10)
3. The Return of the Sorcerer (7:41)
4. Don't Look Now (8:41)
5. Beloved Dead (5:46)
6. I Was Made Upon Waters (6:53)
7. Sephira (5.22)

Line-up / Musicians
- Kimi Kärki aka Peter / guitars
- Pirkka Leino / organ, Rhodes piano
- Jari Pohjonen a.k.a. J. Lovely a.k.a. Void / drums, percussion
- Timo Oksanen/ flute
- Jaakko Penttinen / bass guitar
- Pekka Pitkälä / guitars
- Sami Albert "Witchfinder" Hynninen / vocals

Guest members:
- Lea Tommola / saxophone
- Patrick Walker / spoken word

The Tree of Life is an intimate album filled with memorable and unique music. I might describe their sound as a slow, atmospheric doom with mellow psych, occasional folk, and retro-heavy prog. Slow, brooding tracks are heavy with classic organ, acoustic guitar, and occasional hard rock chug. The songs are thick with moody, ominous, haunting atmosphere and a damp woodland feel, like some moonlit ritual with Satyrs running around through the brush, chunks of meat smoking on the fire, maidens rife with amulets and spells. A great album to bring to the Renaissance Festival...but I digress. Like their label mates Goad and Jacula, Orne is a band in their own strange world. The vocalist has this thin, odd voice that works perfectly as a master of ceremonies cloaked in long robes. The acoustic guitars lay down beautiful melodies over the organ, very mellow with psych touches, then it slowly builds into a more muscular hard rock with distorted power chords, pounding organ, and fine drumming. But my favorite part of the album is simply the feeling you get listening to the more subdued moments, it's a strange, disorienting, somewhat sinister vibe like you get with Comus or Goad. The album's highlight is the 12-minute "The Temple of the Worm" which has some great alluring flute and melancholic guitar leads, just a fantastic track. 

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  1. Fiquei muito impressionado com a qualidade dos álbuns e dos comentários de cada post.
    Muito obrigado pelo material e continue assim.

  2. Obrigado Fox !
    O objetivo desse blog é exatamente este, ser bem seletivo e dar a maior quantidade de informação possível ( o que nem sempre é muito fácil).

    Obrigado, volte sempre, pois estou retomando as postagens depois de um período meu complicado, pois isso nos toma tempo.

    Um Abraço.

  3. Cara, é impossível achar esse cd para baixar. Você não mandaria ele para meu e-mail?

    1. meu e-mail é ro.teixeira(arroba)gmail.com