sábado, 18 de setembro de 2010

APOCALYPSE - Apocalypse

As raízes da banda Die Anderen (os outros ou os Diferentes), que mais tarde seria conhecido como Apocalipse, encontram-se em um show de talentos, o chamado "Beat-Band-Ball", que teve lugar em Ostseehalle Kiel em 1966. Este foi o lugar onde Jürgen Drews (guitarra, vocais), reuniu os membros da banda vencedora Chimes of Freedom.  Bernd Scheffler (bateria e vocal), Enrico Lombardi (baixo, vocais) und Gerd Müller (guitarra, vocais). Eles gravaram este LP com o mesmo nome da banda em 1969 e a música do grupo alemão tinha uma veia psicodélica (como Pink Floyd e Jefferson A.) com características de krautrock (Amon Dull II, por exemplo).
Vale a pena conhecer

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  1. hola Gael, thanx for this post of apocalypse, i needed this for my collection, great artwork and great music. yes sometimes i too have a itchy beard, ha ha. thanx for drosselbart, i cant find my copy anywhere i needed to get it again, wow how did you know that.

  2. Hi Roger........

    I did not know, but I wonder !! I thought i would like that one .

    Thanks for your posts too.

  3. here is somthing for you to check out. i found this, think you might like to take a look. there is a lot of swedish bands here, hope you enjoy this. http://perthbands.com/forum/index.php?topic=11039.0

  4. click on, hey guyz-perthbands.com

  5. Thanks Roger !!
    It's realy good ! there's a lot of good records in that page ! ( Not Swedish only !)

  6. Roger,

    Unfortunately after downloading one of that files, they asked for a pass word to be openned !
    I looked for, but couldn't find.

    so, thanks in anyway !

  7. i see german bands there too not everything needs a password, try some others, i hate the password why they do that i dont know?

  8. Ok.
    It's true, I got another file, without pass word.

    Thank you.

  9. just need to explore a little bit, i picked up a couple of goodies, ive been looking for anna sjalv tredje, very spacey, i found it there, very rare. im also looking for a german band called snowball, the album is called cold heat, hard to find. i have there first album, very good, maybe you know. thanx gael.

  10. Never heard about it !
    But if I find something about it i will let you know !