sábado, 25 de setembro de 2010

NATÜRLICH PROG - Programa N.º 10

Programa que foi ao ar em 25/09/2010 pela Rádio Web Undergroun Lágrima Psicodélica

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  1. i just checked the link for chris braun band, it worked for me, every thing checked out ok. try again, if you still have a problem ill make a new link for you, let me know what happens, no problem for you, God bless. let me know.

  2. OK Roger !

    It worked allright !
    The first time it doesn't work !

    Thank very Much !

  3. sometimes megaupload is funny. i have the second chris braun band if you like, just posted it, also very good. thanx Gael, hope you enjoy the music.

  4. give it a post if you like, would you like more camel? would you like a video of camel? i have complete collection, plus bootlegs. let me know what you think. God bless,do you like prog folk, i am going to do a big post of a french band, malicorne with all artwork. you might like this.

  5. Hi Roger !
    Yes i Like Camel Very much. I Have all the good CDs and some shows.
    By Now i can't remember what i'd like to have ! As you may know, I'm a prog fan since 1975 and during all this time I've been collecting LPs and CDs.
    I don't know everything and you are showing me some specials things that i didn't know ! I thank you for this.

  6. gael, me too, i was in germany 72-73-74 i saw prog bands live when they were first going strong in the begining, one of my favorite shows was PFM live in mannheim, they opened for ten years after,ten years after didnt stand a chance, what a show, i was completely blown away. soft machine, greenslade, passport, kraan,only to name a few. i loved seeing them play, thats how i got hooked on prog, we will always share and work together as true friends of prog, ill post anything you want anytime. im going to post a camel dvd 1976.let me know what you think. God bless as always my friend.